The Paul Clark Project

Promoting Mental Wellness Through The Healing Power Of Music


Paul Clark is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, licensed clinical social worker, and mental health advocate originally from Middlebury, CT. His musical style is a blend of folk, rock, Americana, and alternative-pop. As a self-taught guitarist, Clark, credits Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead as his inspiration for picking up the guitar and for holding his hand down the pathway to becoming a singer/songwriter. Elements of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Bruce Hornsby, Phish, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, and Ben Harper can all be heard in Clark's laid back melodies, colorful lyrics, and positive energy.

With the belief in the amazing healing power of music as a driving force behind Clark's creative spirit, there is an essence of well being that accompanies his body of work as a singer/songwriter.