All of us have been touched by mental illness in some way and all of us have been touched by music. Mental illness has the power to profoundly change lives and music has the amazing power to heal.


:: The mission of Sing Above the Stigma ::

 is to raise mental health awareness by utilizing creative expression through music, chapter, song, and verse in a way that continues the dialogue about living with mental illness, and striving to live happier and healthier lives for all.


Whether it is a close friend that we've grown up with, a neighbor that we've lived next to for years, a co-worker that we spend hours with each week, a relative that we love unconditionally, or a stranger that we have never met, mental illness has and knows no boundaries and can surface at any moment throughout the lifespan of human development.   

Sing Above the Stigma

seeks to:

Help to eradicate the stigma, stereotypes, discrimination, and oppression, attached to and associated, with mental illness.

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Serve as a supportive, inclusive, and empowered community for all who want to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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Utilize music, chapter, song, and verse to reshape discussions about mental illness while promoting mental wellness.


Community, Compassion, Commitment & Connection

Sing Above The Stigma (SATS) is much more than a musical endeavor. It is a grassroots initiative that is centered around eradicating the stigma, stereotypes, discrimination, and oppression, attached to and associated with, mental illness. The goal of SATS is to build a community of those touched by mental illness, who can relate to, are open to, and/or have experienced the healing power of music, including those living with mental illness, family members, friends, mental health advocates, clinicians, educators, and social activists.

Sing Above the Stigma also wishes to align with the future of mental health movement to explore, discuss, and promote change within the mental health field (to make the mental health system more efficient, less fragmented, more evidence-based, and more holistic) and recognizes that change must include those living with, or those having lived experience, with mental illness.  

Sing Above The Stigma seeks to become a wide-ranging and energizing initiative that will operate in a variety of platforms including - online forums, social media discussions, blog posts, music events and gatherings, and motivational speaking engagements - to promote mental wellness, compassion, and understanding. 

This is just the beginning of Sing Above The Stigma's evolution. With new advances in the mental health community, public discourse, and a desire to pair creativity with a cornerstone of good overall health,  the possibilities are far reaching. As time passes and the mental health field changes so will the development of SATS, but our mission of helping to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness will not cease. We welcome you to join us on this important journey and greet you with open hearts, open arms, and open minds.